Your safety and well-being come first

We are concerned about having safe spaces for you and us. Nobody can guarantee zero risk, but we can take all the measures within our reach, following the regulations and official recommendations.

These are the measures that we guarantee

Check in and check out

  • There will be a minimum of 24 hours difference between the departure of one group and the arrival of another.
  • We will receive you with a mask and we will ask you to also wear it.

Compliance with official protocols

  • We follow the official protocols for the prevention of infections by Covid-19 from the Government of Spain, as well as the cleaning and hygiene instructions of the World Health Organization.
  • We are aware of any news or good practices that allow us to improve your safety and well-being.

Authorized cleaning products

  • We use only virucidal TP2 products authorized by the Ministry of Health for cleaning and disinfecting our accommodation.

Textiles, towels and bedding

  • All textiles, towels and bedding are washed at a temperature of + 60ºC, as dictated by official protocols.
  • Clean textiles are not placed until the home has been disinfected.

Cleaning and disinfection

  • We use disinfecting solutions to clean all surfaces. This includes any item that previous guests may have touched, such as keys, doorknobs, chairs, tables and countertops, hangers, knobs, hair dryers, appliances, or light switches (among others).
  • We use masks and gloves in the cleaning process.

Washing of all dishes

  • As a precaution, all the dishes go through the dishwasher at the end of each stay.

Cleaning and disinfection products for you

 In the properties you will have:

  • Products so you can clean and disinfect any element or surface, in addition to the usual ones (dishwasher, detergent for the washing machine, etc.).
  • Hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Single-use gloves*.
  • Single-use masks*.

* The number of units will be limited and in anticipation that, for whatever reason, you do not have and cannot buy.

Removal and quarantine of items that cannot be disinfected between guest relays

  • We like to leave games for adults and children. They will be sealed so you know that they have not been used.
  • Those that are used and cannot be disinfected (for example, a deck of cards), we will remove for a period of not less than 7 days.

Check of the equipment of each property

We check that all the equipment works correctly in each relay.

In our places there are these elements related to security:

  • Smoke sensor.
  • CO2 sensor.
  • Alarm noise and sound sensor (Minut).
  • Extinguisher.
  • First aid kit.

If you have doubts about any issue related to your safety and well-being, we will be happy to answer them.

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